Ali Young/ August 31, 2016/ Auto Services

There are many questions that you might have as a future importer of a vehicle. For example, you might be wondering if the model you get from a country like the USA is the same as the model you would get in Australia. The answer to this question is no, of course. Manufacturers of automobiles usually make them to fit into the driving style, laws and formalities of the part of the world in which they are to be sold. Australian-sold motor cars are designed differently, with different performance numbers and internal features, all of which are optimized for the conditions of the country. These conditions aren’t mirrored by other locations all over the world. You need to take care when importing from countries where the conditions are vastly different to Australia.

How Are Australian Conditions Different?

When it comes to the climate, the atmosphere and the environment (the natural conditions), there is a big difference when compared to countries like the UK or Japan. These are usually a lot cooler than Australia, and there are less extreme highs in these regions. Because of this, vehicles imported from these countries need to be changed physically by a major amount in order to perform with the same numbers and the same reliability in Australia as they did in those regions of the world. American car importers Australia have another problem as well. Cars in the US are made for left hand drive, whereas the UK, Australia and Japan are all right hand drive.

This means that if you are importing a car from USA to Australia you are going to need to engineer the car so that the drive side is changed completely to the opposite side. This can cost you a whole lot of money. The alternative is to get a special license that allows you to drive vehicles that are designated left hand drive.

How Do the Engines Differ?

In modern cars, the engines and the Engine Control Units (ECUs) are calibrated and designed for a particular country and the fuel that is present in it. Bringing the vehicle from one country to another means that you need to recalibrate the ECU to deal with the new type of fuel available in the imported country. Never use the incorrect type of fuel for the engine without calibrating the engine to deal with the new composition of the fuel first as it can lead to a lot of problems. With the perfect type of shipping a vehicle that you are importing, you should be able to have a very smooth experience with your import.

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